E3 2017: 10 Predictions and Hopes for E3

E3 2016
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E3 2017 is just around the corner. It’s less then 6 weeks away at the time of this writing. It sure seems like it came back around fast. E3 is always an exciting time of the year for all gamers. And I’m sure this year will be no different. This list is a combination of predictions and hopes for E3. It's also in no particular order. Here are 10 things to look forward to in E3 2017.

1. Bethesda Conference

Bethesda has been on a roll in recent years. Elder Scrolls, Dishonored, Doom, Fallout, Wolfenstein, and most recently Prey. Holy crap you guys. It’s a good time to be a Bethesda fan. Of course, they are going to have their own conference again as they have been. An interesting thing to note: they have sent out press material which includes a map of a fictional amusement park. In the map there are areas that represent several of their main series. Take a look for yourself:

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Notice those two “under construction” areas? Wonder what those are going to be? Current popular theories include a new Wolfenstein or Evil Within. I’m hoping that it might be a new ip altogether. Or a new Elder Scrolls. With as much content as these guys have been cranking out it should be interesting to see what they announce at their conference.

2. Project Scorpio

Don’t kill me just yet. I realize this is not Playstation related. But a wise man once said to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Or something like that. In all seriousness I’m interested in what Microsoft has coming for Project Scorpio.

They released some specs a few weeks ago and it looks like a very powerful machine. More powerful then the PS4 Pro in fact. I’m sure they will mention something about it at E3 and I'm curious to see what they plan on doing with all that power. Is it going to be the next big thing? Is Microsoft going to overun Sony’s lead? Competition breeds innovation as they say so this might this might be a good thing.

3. Sony Conference and The Games

It’s not likely that Sony is going to announce any new hardware at their conference. Unless they announce a Vita 2. As awesome as that would be, I highly doubt. Poor Vita. Anyway, This gives them plenty of room to showcase lots and lots of games. Which frankly, is what they have been doing the last couple years and it has worked very much in their favor.

I’m sure we’ll see some more of what we saw last year with some new footage and info on the likes of The Last of Us 2, Spider-Man, and Detroit: Become Human to name just a few. I’m sure we’ll see some more shenanigans from Hideo Kojima and Death Stranding that doesn’t tell us very much. And I’m sure we’ll get some more Knack 2 news and God of War.

Point being, there are already a lot of games that they are most likely going to show at their conference this year. But that’s not including anything unexpected. More games can be a good thing and Sony has plenty of that coming this year and next.

4. Beyond Good and Evil 2

This is more of a hope then anything. Beyond Good and Evil was one of my favorite games on the PS2 and I remember when they announced the second game in 2008. I was so excited for it. Only for it to never get released. And we’re still waiting. The game is apparently not dead though and is in development. It would be nice to see something about it this E3. I’m guessing probably not though.

5. Red dead redemption 2

I’m in the minority in that I haven’t played a whole lot of Red Dead Redemption. I’ve played a bit but it ended up on the back burner. I know, I know, shame on me. I’ll get to it eventually. Anyway. Rockstar surprised everyone last year with a reveal trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 and the internet kind of blew up. With a release date set for this coming October, we are more then likely to get some new info at E3. Or a delay announcement.

6. God of war 4

God of War is on my list of all time favorite series ever. There’s just something about tackling all the gods and all the creatures of Greek mythology as a very angry and violent man. Okay, so the series is a bit shallow but at the time the gameplay and setting was pretty innovative. And well, it’s still just plain epic.

They revealed the new God of War last year along side a live orchestra. It was amazing. And judging from the gameplay they showed, they are making some changes to the game mechanics which is definitely a good thing. Timed button battles are getting a little outdated these days. Hopefully we’ll get some more information on exactly what kind of changes they have made. Or they might just show another epic video for it. I’m cool either way.

7. More Death Stranding

Oh Kojima. You crazy, crazy man. Call him a god, or call him overrated. Either way, this guy knows how to make a statement. I don’t know where I stand on Death Stranding. Part of me is interested to see what is going on. Another part of me would just like to forego all the teasers and just have them get to work on the game. But that’s not Kojima’s style. And I’m sure we’ll get something about Death Stranding this E3. Whatever that may be.

8. FF7 Remake

Yup, this game will probably show up at the conference again. At least we know that it actually exists and is actually coming out. Hopefully we get to see some more footage and get some more information about it at E3. Or we might not. Some more concrete info would be nice though. I’m not the biggest fan of this particular game although I’m definitely interested to try the remake out. Here’s hoping to see some more at E3 this year.

9. Playstation VR

I’m pretty on the fence about this Playstation VR business. I mean, I suppose not actually having one or having tried it out has something to do with that. But I can’t shake the feeling that VR is going to end up going to go the way of the Vita. A struggling peripheral that doesn’t have enough development support. I’m kind of hoping to be proven wrong. Either way I’m sure Sony will spend a fair amount of time showcasing some new games for it.

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10. Playstation Pro

I know Sony plans on supporting both the PS4 and PS4 Pro but I wouldn’t be surprised if they start pushing the Pro a little more. I don’t think they are going to push it on us too much but I’d be surprised if it wasn’t mentioned several times throughout the conference. 4K tvs are becoming very affordable now so I imagine more PS4 Pros will be out in the wild. Which is good as I’ve heard some pretty good things about it. Except that they don’t have the Ultra HD Blu-Ray drive. Then again maybe we need to get used the idea of getting away from physical media. Hmm..

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So those are just 10 predictions and hopes to look forward to at E3. Did I miss anything? Is there anything that you are looking forward to or hoping to see at E3?

5/5/2017 Christopher D. Anderson

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