E3 2017: New God of War footage unleashed

God of War
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After a year of waiting, we are finally treated to some new God of War footage, displayed during Sony’s E3 presentation, and personally, it looks quite promising!

You can watch the Kratos and his new kid companion in the video below:

As seen in the trailer, we are most likely going to be touching a side of Kratos that has barely been shown, if at all, in the series.

The Norse world looks beautiful, ranging from snowy woods to a colorful lake. We also got a look at what I bet is going to be a very important female character for most part of the game. As for the child, this new female character mentions something on the likes of Kratos being the boy’s father, but this could be figuratively. Finally, a giant snake simply called “The World Serpent” surfaces and appears to offer help, despite its intimidating entrance and appearance.

Storywise, we still don't know much, but I actually like the direction that they are taking. It seems more personal, and Kratos doesn't seem to be filled as much with rage as in past iterations.

Are you as hyped as I am? I love the God of War series, and I’m sure this entry won’t disappoint. The combat and gameplay mechanics look a bit different, but I trust Santa Monica will deliver on this and many other aspects. We'll have to wait and see.

6/12/2017 10:52:34 PM Moisés Ramírez

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