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Sony E3
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Sony finally had their conference and while it had it’s moments, I have to admit it was a little boring. I think that’s partly due to the hype surrounding the conference combined with a poor presentation. Sony killed it at their conferences the last couple of years so hopes were set pretty high. There were a couple surprises but for the most part there wasn’t anything mind blowing. So I think in that, it was a bit of a letdown. 

Plus, and there is no surprise here, there was hardly any Vita presence. I think it was mentioned once during the whole show. The show also had some technical issues with the stream. Again. But I’m going to try and keep this post positive and focused on the games. Let’s look at the games they showcased of which there are some really good ones. All things said there really is a lot to look forward to on our beloved system. 

Sony Pre-show

Before the actual conference they had a pre-show and talked about several games that are worth mentioning even though they aren’t part of the actual conference. 

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

We’ve already seen that this was coming out but we get to see some new footage and a new playable character who is Crash’s sister Coco. If you’re a fan of Crash Bandicoot this is something to look forward to. 


While not a game in itself it’s a way for several people to play a PS4 game together and they showed a few examples using this new idea. Everyone plays on their phones and connects to the game. Depending on the type of game you’re playing depends on how you all play. For example you can all make decisions in the game that effect it’s outcome or can be used for various party games. It’s an interesting dynamic that I could actually see working well. Check out a couple examples below.

Hidden Agenda

That’s You

Everybody’s Golf

Formally known as Hot Shots Golf here in America, Everybody’s Golf looks to try to get people into golf that normally aren’t . I’m not sure it’s something I’ll pick up but it does look fun. Lots of customization and social aspects. Hopefully it will have as much of an impact as the earlier games. 


This is probably one of my personal favorite announcements from all of E3 so far. Undertale came out on the PC in 2015 to both critical and fan acclaim. It’s a very unique, old school style, rpg, that everyone should check out. You’ll be able to play on both PS4 and Vita (the one mention of the little guy) later this summer. 

Now on to the actual showcase

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

They started off the conference with a closer look at the new Uncharted that is sans our usual hero Nathan Drake. The Lost Legacy is a spin off of the original games but includes characters from the series. The good news is that it comes out really soon in August. Not too long to wait.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Expansion

As announced before, Horizon is getting a new expansion called The Frozen Wilds. The trailer was pretty short and didn’t explain a whole lot but I enjoyed the main game so much that I’ve already bought this expansion. Speaking of which there wasn’t a price but we know it comes out this year. We’ll get a new area and a new story to follow. Can’t wait. 

Days Gone

Last year they announced Days Gone and showed a video of some gameplay. This year we got another gameplay video showing some new stealth mechanics. I’m still not sure if I’m sold on this game yet but it does look interesting. Plus there are zombie bears. Yup, zombie bears. 

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter is a series I never got into myself but I know is revered by its fanbase. Especially over in Japan. The trailer was exciting and looks like it could be a lot of fun. I’ve always like the designs of the monsters in these games. Something that makes this release interesting is that, for the first time in the series, it will be released at the same time all over the world and you can join up with people all over the world as well. The title makes sense now. 

Shadow of the Colussus

One of the more exciting announcements was the remake of a very beloved game Shadow of the Colossus. This isn’t just a remaster but a full on remake that looks fantastic. I guess I’ll be shoveling out some more money to buy this game for the third time. Part of me is annoyed but the other part of me is going to buy it anyway. Either way the game looks really good and comes out early next year. 


There were quite a few interesting games for the Playstation VR headset shown at the showcase. And there were a few weird ones. Some cool looking ones include The Inpatient which is a prequel to Until Dawn and Moss which has you helping a little mouse make it through a fantastical environment.

Skyrim VR

Bravo Team

Superhot VR


Star Child

Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep

The Inpatient

God of War

One of the games that was completely expected was God of War. But it’s a really good trailer. It shows some gameplay and more of the dynamic between Kratos and his son which I’m really intrigued by. I’ve been a big fan of the series since it’s inception on the Playstation 2. It was starting to get a little stale towards the last couple games so I’m really excited to see it take a different direction. It still looks really epic. 

Detroit: Become Human

We get another look at Detroit: Become Human and a the third playable character. It’s still unclear exactly how the gameplay is going to work but it seems there are a ton of different choices that effect the rest of the game so it should be interesting to see how that plays out. I’m hoping this newest game from Quantic Dream does really well.


Sony finished off the conference with a fairly lengthy gameplay of Spider-Man which seems to have turned into the brand flagship game for some reason. The game looks good and it could be fun. But I was reminded an awful lot of the Batman series from the gameplay footage. Plus there seems to a few quick time events which may or may not be a good thing. Maybe that was for the E3 video. Either way I’m actually a little more interested in checking this one out. 


The Sony conference was actually pretty loaded but the presentation was  boring. It’s hard to complain when you see what’s coming. There is quite a bit to chew on here. I think the bar was set pretty high by Sony the last couple of E3s and they didn’t quite reach it this year. Can’t win them all I guess. 

6/14/2017 5:27:07 PM Christopher D. Anderson

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