Opinion: Should Online-Only Games Have A Full, Standard Retail Price?

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In an age where cellphones rule, where Wi-Fi connections are aplenty, and connectivity galore, it is not uncommon to see a slew of games that require an online connection to be able to play.

Now, this type of requirement is evidently essential for multiplayer action, since to be able to communicate with someone, you actually need an online connection. But what happens if you just want to play solo and don’t have the “need” for the web?

There are more than a handful of games that require an online connection even if you don’t want partake any kind of social or multiplayer activity. The Crew is an example of this, as it requires a consistent online connection; then again, Ubisoft marketed this game as somewhat “social”. And I know for a fact that this game had a standard 60$ price tag when it came out, at least in my nearest retailer. On the other hand, we have Rainbow Six Siege, where you can technically play offline, but with severely limited options (and I mean severely). But just as with The Crew, it really was intended to be a multiplayer oriented game, so you know what you were getting into.

That being said, do you think these games, that either require an online connection, or that have every limited options (Destiny, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, etc.) without one, should be sold at the standard retail price?

Personally, I think that even though you know what you are buying, there should be some kind of consideration. We’ve all been there: your internet is cut off, you reach the monthly cap, the optical fiber cable was stolen, and many more scenarios. The Friday the 13th Game, for example, has a much lower price tag, as do games like Rocket League and Dead by Daylight.

So what do you think? Do these games warrant a full price?

8/3/2017 3:22:27 PM Moisés Ramírez

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