Discover a Hidden Story in the Game Icey

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On face value Icey looks like a frantic paced 2D side scrolling hack and slash game. And you would be correct in assuming that. But only half correct. It is a 2D side scrolling action game with pretty tight controls and a combo system. But the Chines made game indie is much more then meets the eye. There is a hidden portion of the story in the game that is only found by ignoring the narrator. 

That’s correct. That fellow that is the voice over who is politely telling you, the player, what to do and the story can be ignored. And it’s when you do this that the hidden portion of the story unfolds. The narrator doesn't really like it when you don't listen either as shown on the Playstation blog. Another game that has similar meta gameplay is The Stanley Parable. 

Unlike that game though, Icey has an action element that is a game all by itself. Conceivably you could play the entire game this way by following the narrator and what not and not even notice there is a underlying plot to the story. The action looks fast paced and includes a combo system that reminds me of Devil May Cry. Juggling in the air included. 

I think this is an interesting combination of meta and action and I’m curious to see how it turns out. If the current feedback from PC is any indication it shouldn’t be a disappointment. Look for Icey and discover its secrets on August 8th. 

What do you think of Icey? Is the combination of meta and action gameplay a good thing? It’s definitely different at the least. 

8/4/2017 9:37:28 PM Christopher D. Anderson

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